Welcome to the mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries Austin, TX

Worship with us at:

9411 Parkfield drive, suite 320, Austin TX 78758.

Tel: (512) 358-4146, (512) 709-1489.

Prayerline: (339) 209-4614

Service Times:

Sundays(Worship Service):  9am – 12:00

Tuesday(Bible study):  7:00pm – 9pm

Thursday(Revival hour):  7:00pm – 9pm

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– Hebrews 10:25

live service

Sundays(Worship): 9am – 12:00

Tuesday(Bible study): 7:00pm – 9pm

Thursday(Revival): 7:00pm – 9pm


prayer meetings

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

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Church re-opening update:
Mfm Austin is happy to announce that on October 4th, we will be re-opening the church for Sunday worship services only. Please carefully adhere to the following restrictions: Children, less than age 12, and adults above 65 years will not be allowed in the church at this time. Wearing of facemask is mandatory at all times. Only Sunday services will be conducted in the church building at this time as Weekly programs will remain over the prayer line, +1(339) 209-4614.